Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our Little Firecracker...

When Claire was tiny I had the sinking realization that maybe I'm just not a teeny baby type of person. Now that she is almost seven months old I know for certain that is the truth. It goes without question that I adored her but at the same time, those first few weeks and months it somehow seemed that those hard times would never end. It was almost impossible to imagine that so soon she would be crawling away from us, becoming more independent by the day.
The six month mark started a new chapter in her babyhood. She is less fussy and a better napper. She is overflowing with personality and so curious about everything. She bounces, dances and wiggles all the time. It is impossible to change her diaper and clothes without her rolling to grab the exciting things around her. She squeals, screams and makes spitting noises. She cannot stand to have her nose wiped. This has been a problem because her nose has been a constant fountain of snot.
Jon and I had the suspicion that she would be a firecracker, and it is now confirmed.
Now that she is crawling it is so fun to watch her explore our world. We also love that she can choose to crawl to us. Now she is working on crawling over us! I guess I slacked off on reading the baby books because I wasn't prepared for her new found mobility.
We finally feel like a real, normal functioning family. We are so thankful to not be on survival mode anymore.
We feel like we cannot possibly love her more, but we've thought that before. I can't even imagine what a lifetime of this love will look like. I know it is such a blessing. It will continue be wonderful, even when it is hard.

Claire's life as an almost 7 month old:
teething (still no teeth to show for it so far)



Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Lovely Day

My beautiful sister on her wedding day.
We love you Callie and Alex Kurtz!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

First Christmas

Celebrating at the Graybeal's

Sweet reindeer cousins

Sorry it's sideways, I just like Claire's expression here.

At Granny and Poppa's Christmas day
With Grandy and Mimi. Claire was so wonderful all day until the end.

Granny and Poppa

She looks so small with Grandfather.
In Pennsylvania.

Pretty Aunt Crystal
We surprised Grandmama with a visit to Rhode Island
Propped up like a little princess
Snow in RI!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crazy Times

December 18 2009:

The day the madness began. Moving from our lovely home in Asheville, temporarily to Greenville with the hopes of making our more permanent move to Winston-Salem in February.

Claire and I left Asheville for our move to Greenville at 7:45 am hoping to dodge a snowstorm. Living in WNC we had grown accustomed to threatening winter weather forecasts that never quite seemed to hit the mark, little did we know that we would miss out on the biggest snowstorm in Asheville since '93 (don't worry, though we missed it we were not forgotten.) On the way to Greenville the snow was beautiful and persistent. Once we got on highway 25 the snow was completely covering the roads. I guess my little Pontiac Vibe sensed an opportunity for adventure (I guess our monster drive way in Aville wasn't enough for her.) She decided she wanted to go off the road, down a hill stopping just short of a ditch. I was stuck in the snow with my sweet 5 1/2 month old baby in the back and a car packed to the brim. After tearful phone calls to Jon and my father-in-law a good samaritan stopped to help and eventually towed us out.

We finally made it to Greenville safely. We settled in and celebrated Christmas with the Graybeals.

After our Christmas festivities Jon and I were off to the Hyatt to spend the night to enjoy our 4 year anniversary. An hour before leaving we received a phone call from the potential buyers of our house (on which we were supposed to close in four days, December 22.) They were informing us that a tree had fallen on our home. A few hours before I had been pouting because we missed the only big snow since we had been in Asheville now we were so grateful that we were not there. Needless to say, we could not close on the 22 (we are hoping for Jan 23) and there was a lot of damage, more water damage from the big hole in the roof. Repairs are currently in progress.

We were still able to have a wonderful anniversary, our first night together away from Claire. The buyers are still committed to the house and all is (sort of) well. We are hanging in there.

After the tree had been removed from the house. Funny thing... after seeing ice on the trees in Gville the night before, I joked about a tree falling on our house.

At least the snow was pretty.