Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Presenting the Past Month...

Claire is incredibly active. She is all over the place all of the time. She is a little explorer. She has sprouted two bottom teeth and it looks even cuter than I had imagined.

Climbing over travel bags is easy work for her!

Her feet really do stink sometimes.. hard to imagine!

Pulling up like a pro.

We moved to Charlotte.
We decided we would pack her up and bring her with us.

First time standing in her crib.

Best buddies... she chases him all over the house.

So good at standing!

Proud of herself


Having fun with baby Landon

We went to visit Grandy and Mimi in Florence!

Loved Grandy's airplane feedings.

Her best canine buddy (don't show Wallace, he might be jealous)

Eating puffs is a favorite hobby.

Food in her hair

Standing with Gramps