Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

Marvelous May

Alicia came to visit us and we took a trip to Ikea.
Claire REALLY fell in love with this tiger.
Of course we had to buy it for her.

Claire ADORES her cousins Jake and Bradley.
They move to Charlotte this week and we can't wait to spend lots of time with them.

We met our friends Jenn and Landon snow at Southpark mall for a quick visit.
Claire needed a paci fix and found a way to sneak a few sucks on Landon's.

Landon and his Mommy, Jenn.

I think Claire is trying to shout "my Mommy is #1"
On our first Mother's Day.
She picked out a very pretty and special necklace for me, a pearl pendant, her birthstone!
I know I am so blessed to be the mother of this adventurous, tough, funny and friendly little girl.

At a rest stop on our way to Hilton Head Island where she took her first steps (on Mother's Day)!!!
We bribed her to step with the Coke bottle.
Don't worry, we didn't let her drink any of it.
The girl has so much energy, I don't think she should EVER have any caffeine.

At the pool with Daddy.

She had so much fun floating and trying to blow bubbles in the water.

Walking to the beach with Daddy, GramE and Gramps.

This is my favorite beach picture.
Her first taste of sand.

Playing in the sand with Bradley and Uncle James.

We thought that one bite of sand would be enough to make her realize that she didn't want to eat it. It wasn't. She never stopped eating it the whole time we were there. Maybe she knows something we don't?

She loved swimming in the ocean with Daddy (which she can say really well now.)

We had a great vacation with the Graybeals and the Warmoths.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Full of Fun

What up, Wallace?

Grandy refinished his old rocker for her!

Crawling in the yard with Mimi

In Florence visiting Grandy and Mimi

One of our favorite times; playing before bedtime

She loves playing in the yard

She is standing so well

Think she is enjoying the sing-a-long?

Munchin' on grass