Friday, October 23, 2009

A Few Pictures

Jon and I are shocked at how quickly she is growing and developing.

Smiles, giggles and sometime cackles are coming quite often these days. She has started to grab at and pick things up. Her taggie, bunny and bear lovie are her favorite toys so far. Usually they go in her mouth, a constant and overflowing fountain of drool.

We are sleeping sooo much more. PRAISE THE LORD! It seemed as though this time would never come, now it all seems like a sweet memory. She has completely dropped her nighttime feedings but we still have to get up multiple times a night to put her pacifier back in her mouth. We are awakened in the morning by sweet coos and excited shrieks.

I am coming to terms with the fact that she is not an award winning napper. a 45 min nap a few times a day is about all we get.

I am so proud of her. We are so encouraged and excited by her new tricks but it also breaks our hearts to see how quickly she is changing. Everyone has been so right about that already.

I find it so beautiful that I am already looking back on those incredibly hard first weeks(that I thought would never end) with fond memories and a little aching in my heart.

Our house was freezing last weekend. We out Claire in a warm bundle.
It reminded us of when she was a tiny baby.


Friday, October 2, 2009

Claire's First Hike

Max Patch

Family Hike

Flower child

3 Months Old!

Three has been the magic number!
Our Claire has really started to light up with personality. It seems like it happened overnight. She smiles, giggles, coos and squeals. She rolls over (front to back), sucks on her hands and is having a hard time learning to nap. We think she forgot that she knew how to sleep through the night. She must just always want to be up with us since we are so much fun. Sometimes when we go check on her while she is crying in her crib, she will give us the biggest grin as soon as she sees our face peek over . What a stinker. Sometimes I still can't believe that she is ours.
We are so so blessed.

Excited to eat some breakfast!

Her most favorite hobby, chewing on her hands.
It keeps her from napping because she gets so wound up doing it.

I love her position in this picture and the next.

Tiny daughter hand, big Daddy hand.

Grandy came for a quick visit!
He was surprised and glad to see how responsive she is now!