Monday, June 7, 2010

Eleven Months!

It is becoming increasingly hard to believe how much Claire is growing and learning. She has such a vibrant personality and she rarely slows down. We are working on having cuddle practice everyday, maybe one day she will enjoy being still for a few minutes. She certainly keeps us on our toes and we love (almost) every minute of it.

We keep remembering this time last year. I was so pregnant. We were so excited and so scared. We could only imagine how wonderful she would be. The reality is even sweeter and more fun than the dream.

Long lost loves... Claire and LB!

Pool party in our backyard!

Like a hen sitting on her eggs.

She did this all by herself.

Bedtime story

Landon and Claire at Papas and Beer in Greenville.

She had so much fun at Granny and Poppa's house.

Being sooo sweet.

Claire and Olivia plan on making mischief of all kinds....

There she goes

Relaxing Saturday morning