Thursday, April 22, 2010

April Happenings

Jon and I keep thinking about how far we've come as a family the in the past (almost) 10 months. We've gone from being strictly on survival mode where our old "normal" life seemed like a different life, to barely being able to remember how hard the first few months were on us. Claire is an absolute joy. I definitely understand why people have more children now, I truly couldn't comprehend that for a while. She can talk a million miles an hour, always greeting people at the store with a friendly "hi." She can crawl faster than my eyes can keep up with. She is starting to stand up on her own and rapidly moves her arms up and down when she is upset or wants something. She is so wonderful and we are so proud. Of course, we all have our moments but overall we are a happy little family.

I cannot believe we will be planning her one year birthday party in a few months. Surely it is something to celebrate. We say that she got off to a rough start but boy, has it all been worth it.
She is making up for it now.

Snuggling with the blanket

Still think she's cute? I sure do.

It's impossible to keep her clean while eating sometimes.

High school friends at Lainie and Wilson's wedding.
See, we still kind of have a life :)

Looking pretty in her new hair clip

We loved seeing Evyn and meeting Henry.
Please, move home...

Claire enjoyed torturing him while he rested in the bouncy seat

Dance party

We loved our visit with Sara and James Thompson.
Come back soon!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Easter Basket!

Our family Easter portrait

Helping Mommy make a special and sweet breakfast

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Claire at 9 Months!!!

Thanks Granny and Poppa for the push toy!

Being silly at dinner.

Looking cute in her Matunuck onesie.
Shout out to Grandmamma and Jido!

Modeling Daddy's infamous hat.

She figured out how to get into the container of puffs!

Study session with Daddy on baby colors.

In her toy basket. After all, she is the best toy of all!

Tug of war. Poor ugly doll.

Our cat Wallace ran away. After 3.5 weeks of being gone someone found him 2 blocks from our house! Jon and Claire are especially happy he is home!

Claire Waving and Clapping!