Saturday, October 9, 2010


We retired the diaper bag and replaced it with this cute owl backpack.
Can't you tell she loves it, ha ha.

Claire had fun fixing Grandy's hair.

Surfing on a container lid

Playing at the park

She is so good at going down slides!

In the tunnel with Daddy.

Climbing up to the BIG slide.

She can't go down this one alone.

We had such a fun visit with Evyn, Henry and the Stansell family.


Claire was really proud to be sitting on the couch with her big cousin Jake.
She loves her cousins so much, we are so excited to have them live right down the road from us now!


  1. When did you let her slide for the first time? I'm afraid that once we start Landon will be hooked :) We must see y'all in November!!!

  2. good idea about retiring the diaper bag. I may do that too!

    Claire is SUCH a beauty!!!